Premium Gazebo Branding

Effective Marketing Tool

Standing over 3.5 metres at the highest point, branded gazebos cannot be missed at any event or market. If more covered space is required two or more gazebos can be joined together giving you extra visibility. Adding walls to your printed gazebo provides extra advertising space. Additionally, sidewalls provide privacy and increased protection from the elements. This is a cost effective marketing tool that you can take advantage of.

Why Choose Pro Tent?

Here at MCD ProTent™ we make sure each and every custom printed heavy duty gazebo order is completed to the highest standard possible. The ability to complete both large and small orders is what separates us from the competition. Our customer will always receive high quality heavy duty printed pop up gazebos on time and at a price that is affordable, using fabrics that are designed to enhance the colour printing process.

Design Your Own

Let your creative instincts go wild as you can choose colours, logo's, pictures and text to keep in touch with the branding of your company. Liaise with us and we can help you make something spectacular that your potential customers will love. We will send you the design before anything is sent to print to allow you to see the initial design before it is produced. Our designers are here to help you make the best design possible. 
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We Make it Simple

1. Choose Your Gazebo
Choose your Gazebo, no matter what size, colour or design, we will be able to create something that will work with your style of branding.
2. Choose your Branding
Once you have decided on the right gazebo for you, you can then get in touch with us over the phone or by submitting your design to us via email. We can talk you through which printing method is best for you.
3. Get it Delivered
Contact us to find out how long your chosen design would take to complete as timescales can vary depending on the method you choose. Once completed we will send your order on a next working day delivery.

Heat Press Vinyl Printing

The heat press printing is done here in the UK by our expert team with years of experience in heavy duty gazebo branding. The process comprises of pressing heat reactive vinyl directly onto the gazebo material. This fuses it into the fabric to give a long lasting high quality finish. Heat press gazebo printing can usually be completed within 7 days.

HD Dye Sublimation Printing

HD Dye Sublimation printing is done during the manufacturing process of the heavy duty gazebo covers. There is no limit to your imagination with this style of printing as the images & artwork are dyed into the material giving unlimited design options. This process does take longer than the heat press but the scope for design is far greater. 

Companies We Have Worked With

Get In Touch

If you have an idea or design that you want to make into the gazebo of your dreams please don't hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 01226 215 090


Facebook: MCD Pro Tent 

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